• BRAND Creation For Standing Out

    This is pure marketing at its best, where being different is better than just being good.

  • Career Counseling

    Discover who you are so a career match can be made.

  • Right-Fit College Major Selection

    A career match can easily determine an approximate college major.
  • Right-Fit College Selection

    Right-fit college major is found at the right-fit college
  • College Essay Guidance

    Student is the world’s leading expert on him/herself. Standing out is the operating principle.
  • College Interview Guidance

    My students interview the colleges with 6 powerful questions.

  • College Visit Strategy

    Two basic questions are asked of one specific group of people on each campus.

  • Letters of Recommendation Strategy

    Student gives the writer one basic instruction to write a targeted letter.

  • Appeal Letters For More Money

    Letters ask for more money, even when the family is wealthy.

  • Easy Phone or Skype Access

    I’m available to meet with student and family on request.


A minimum of 100 videos are provided that cover the two areas of college planning: admission and finances. The length of the videos vary from 45 seconds to 4 minutes. They were tested over a 2-year period with Paul Hemphill’s own clients. Clients were encouraged to offer suggestions of what to delete or add. The result is what is found in these videos.