Attend College At Home!

When I was looking through 43 college websites recently, I noticed something more visible that I hadn’t seen before in my 18 years as a college consultant: online college courses.

While talking to admission people, I wondered if they were going to mention it. Some did, some didn’t.

What Follows May Blow Your Mind

In my years of college admissions marketing, I have never stated what you are going to read now. It’s not because I was hiding it, but because it wasn’t on anyone’s radar screen.

And the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially 35% of the colleges who are in financial trouble.

And this new reality is impressing parents, students, and employers.

ONLINE COLLEGE COURSES are changing the requirements of a college education.

You Have More Control, And It’s Cheaper.

A 2018 Arizona State University study reports that lots of colleges are offering discounts on tuition, up to 50 percent and sometimes more.

And the study reports that employers don’t care whether you earned your degree with online courses or in the sitting-in-class way.

Colleges also don’t care if your high school son or daughter takes an online course this summer to get extra credit. When the college course appears on a high school transcript, full credit is given, no questions asked!

And online college courses mean you can take any class and earn any degree.

You have the same choices as sitting-in-class students, but even more.

You can take accelerated programs and classes, or finish your degree in two years if you want. You’ve got choices!

Bottom line: When you are talking to the colleges on your list, ask about what required courses you can be take online and when you can take them.

The answer may surprise you, but you won’t be disappointed.

For example, you may be admitted to College X in North Carolina, and the student could stay at home in Massachusetts for the first two years, or however long you want.

And Mom And Dad Can Pay 1/2 Of What It Would Cost To Live At The College In North Carolina.

Here’s a fascinating fact. In a discussion I had with the admissions department at UMass/Boston, they said that I could literally not show up for any class for 4 years and get the typical degree that anyone sitting in a classroom would get.

Another Bottom Line: You no longer have to look at sending your child away for four years. You can actually dictate the terms of attendance on what you are willing to spend.

This reinforces what I believe…there is a God, and I would take full advantage of what you have just read.

Paul Hemphill