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I motivate colleges to accept your child.


This is where I am supposed to impress you. You know…make me look bigger than life, the star of the show, Mister Whatever.

Well, I detest a sales pitch, but I’ll get to one later. Count on it.

So far I’ve written 5 books (two are best-sellers), created over 250 videos, produced 3 audio-books, and appeared in more than 30 TV interviews from Fox/Boston to CBS/Washington, DC.

And I’ve been working with teens for the past 17 years. Some parents think that makes me a self-punishing zombie.

But my students refer to me as the “oldest teenager in America.” I love working with teens because they’re talented, funny, and very responsive.

Of course, the parents are in awe that I can work with their child, but I have no special magic – I’m not the parent!


35+ years in marketing and advertising

Three Ways I Differ So Much From Other College Consultants

(1) I created the Student Brand Strategy to make your child look irresistible and admissible to the colleges BEFORE they see grades, test scores, or star talents.

(2) My unique Strategy actually eliminates the need for one or multiple advisors, including me.

(3) If you hire me to work one-on-one with your child, you will pay substantially more. But a whole lot less than those very expensive college advisors you read about.

I increase Opportunity for College Admission.

My online program motivates colleges to want your child. That’s because he or she will demonstrate leadership with the direction I give.

It’s every college’s #1 dream quality.  Your child will not need any proof of leadership on his or her high school resume.

I wrote a best-seller book on leadership, which you can see below.

I Increase Chances for Merit Aid.

That’s free money even if you are absolutely convinced that you don’t qualify for any financial aid.

When I say “increase chances,” I mean there’s no guarantee, but the chances are greater for receiving merit aid.

Author of a Leadership Book.

I’m the country’s only college advisor who’s written about the #1 quality that every college is looking for in an applicant: leadership.

It was a best-seller in 2016, Why You’re Already A Leader.  See below.

When it comes to applying to college, only a select few of college consultants in the country have written a book, and its latest edition, for marketing purposes, has a new title, Inspiration For Teens, which you can see below.

Brand the Student.

I create an identity for the student; it makes your child stand apart from all other applicants.

My branding mechanism, developed and used for over 30 years, leads to 100% of my students being accepted to any of their top 3 choices.

And 96% have been accepted to their #1 choice.

How this all plays out is a genuine test-run of what’s needed to succeed for the rest of your child’s life.

So my program means a whole lot more than just getting into college.

My Clients Get Access To My Best Videos And Audio.

I’ve produced over 250 videos relating to college admissions and finance that were tested over a 2-year period with my own one-on-one coaching clients.

In my Strategy, you get access to the 80+ best videos and audio my clients declared as information winners.


I offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your online purchase. Try finding such a guarantee on the websites of over 8,000 college admissions consultants.

Who says I get the job done? My clients say so here.

I live with my terrific wife, Ann Marie, in Norfolk, MA. You can always reach me, 7 days a week, when you click here.