How To Motivate Colleges To Want YOUR
Child Before They See Grades Or Talents 

Stand Out To Get In.

Stressed About Your Child's Admission To The Right College?

  • How prepared do you want your child to be in choosing the right college?
  • Do you believe your child deserves to attend his/her first-choice college? 
  • Are you okay with your child taking 5 years to graduate, like 70%+ of all college grads? 
  • Do you feel the pressure of running out of time to do something well-planned?
  • Have you noticed college advisors focusing more on your money than on your child?
  • Are you stressed because you don't know where to get expert help on getting in?

Discover the Student Brand StrategyTM

Highlight Any Attribute

Your child can focus on a single  attribute and present it in a way that motivates colleges to admit.

BRAND Your Child

Get college officials to think,
"This is the kind of student 
we've been looking for."

Stand Out to Get In

Your child will be perfectly positioned for admission, and is likely to qualify for free money.

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100% Success Rate

Over the past 16 years, the Student Brand StrategyTM has allowed ALL students to get into their top 3 colleges-of-choice, with 96% getting accepted to their 1st choice colleges.

What Past Clients Say About The Student Brand StrategyTM:

“…the process was so easy. Reduced so much stress. The strategy markets the student and makes the child look like the perfect student that every college wants to have.”

Brenda S.

Plainville, MA

"We were very aware that getting into a school that matched our daughter's profile could be a problem. Colleges are allowed to discriminate against a student that matches their academic standards, so we decided we needed that extra edge just in case, and we got it with this strategy." 

Phil F.

Atlanta, GA

"It didn't take us long to discover that my daughter's guidance counselor had more on her plate than she could handle. I felt sorry for her, but I wasn't going to let her problems become ours. So this strategy was a God-send and it really worked."

Madelyn J.

Towson, MD

"This is like a personal GPS for us. My son, Jason, was a        "C" student... He ended up getting into his first-choice college, and got a great financial package to boot."

Susan B.

Boston, MA

  "No Child Should Be Treated Like Statistics."



The Ultimate College  Admission Tactic

  • Requires Little Or No Work
  • Colleges Will Be In Awe
  • Student Will Scream "Yes!"